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企業 :台湾と日本の物流グループ関連
年収 :400万円 ~ 700万円
勤務地:東京都 中央区


企業 :ドイツ系の物流企業
年収 :700万円 ~ 750万円


企業 :アメリカ系の物流企業
年収 :500万円 ~ 700万円
勤務地:東京都 江東区


企業 :ドイツ系の物流会社
年収 :600万円 ~ 800万円
勤務地:東京都 品川区


企業 :イタリア系の国際貨物輸送会社
年収 :350万円 ~ 600万円
勤務地:東京都 千代田区


企業 :ドイツ系の物流会社
年収 :400万円 ~ 600万円
勤務地:兵庫県 三田市


Recruitment Specialist in International Logistics

LogiSpace is an employment support specialist specializing in international logistics. LogiSpace Agent also provides employment support for foreign companies in Japan and companies outside of Japan (especially in Southeast Asia), taking advantage of its strength as a foreign agent headquartered in Singapore.

What we can offer

Import/Export Operations

This position is responsible for making transportation arrangements in cooperation with related departments, overseas offices, and agents. Depending on customer requests and cargo, we negotiate with airlines and shipping companies to secure loading space, and confirm and arrange the necessary documents for import/export. The position also serves as a point of contact for customers, responding to various inquiries.

Warehouse Management

This position is responsible for process management related to warehouse receiving and shipping. The duties include designing the layout of the warehouse, planning and staffing the necessary personnel, preparing work instructions, and safety management. In addition to an understanding of warehouse operations, management skills are required.

Sales (Logistics)

This position sells logistics services such as import/export and warehousing to customers. The position is responsible for formulating transportation modes, routes, prices, and other proposals tailored to cargo and customer needs. The position requires an understanding of the entire logistics process, as the position may provide comprehensive services that include not only transportation but also storage in warehouses and distribution processing.

Customs Broker

Customs clearance documents are prepared and import/export declarations are made according to the contents of the cargo. Laws and regulations are established depending on the region and cargo, and knowledge and understanding of customs laws are required. Depending on the results of customs declarations, they are also responsible for filing objections and making statements to the Director of Customs and the Minister of Finance.

Supply Chain Management

It covers a wide range of areas, including network construction of production bases (warehouses) and transportation routes, planning work including demand forecasting and production planning, and execution work such as purchasing and factory operation based on the plans. In addition to logistics, the entire process from production to delivery to end-users is managed, which requires collaboration with many departments both inside and outside the company.

Information Technology

Warehouse management systems and delivery management systems are rapidly being introduced to cope with the increasing volume of goods and the growing complexity of supply chains. This position is responsible for the design, maintenance, and operation of such systems and for improving operational efficiency by linking them with existing ERP systems.

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